Introducing the 277 Institute

The 277 Institute organises discussion groups that immerse participants in complex interdisciplinary topics spanning philosophy, technology, politics & more.

Our goal is to create a culture of continual learning by bringing together diverse groups of thoughtful individuals and supporting peer learning through reading, discussion and synthesis.

We focus on: 

  • Ideas that matter - Unique, interdisciplinary topics that are missing from traditional curricula

  • High quality multimedia - With the support of domain experts we curate content into a syllabus that provides context and clarity to complex issues

  • Diversity of thought - We welcome different opinions and disagreements but always in the aim of positive and productive conversations

How does it work?

  • We curate a 6 - 12 week curriculum of multimedia content for each program

  • Groups meet fortnightly for 1.5 hours of 'lightly' moderated discussion

  • A community is provided to share additional sources and reflections

  • We encourage all participants to build on what we discuss, synthesising and creating - whether its writing, podcasting, vlogging or even products and tools

  • 277 supports members by sharing and publishing creations through Substack

Who are we?

Peteris & I (Jack) met at a reading group organised by Entrepreneur First in 2017, since then we have moved from participation to organisation, including events for Aspen UK.

Our goal with 277 is to build on these experiences and encourage group learning through reading & discussion.

In our day jobs Peteris builds crypto products & Jack builds robots.

Upcoming groups:

  • POLITICS 277 - Stagnation & growth, Completed

  • INVESTING 155 – Personal Investing Tools, April '21

  • PHILOSOPHY 266 - Utopia or Dystopia, Oct '21

Hope to see you soon.