New reading group announcement : 155 PERSONAL INVESTING TOOLS

Learn how to develop personal investing tools to gain outsized returns by immersing yourself in the 277’s curated syllabus of readings, podcasts & videos.

Why now?

In today’s market most money managers do not deliver outsized returns and even the simple practice of diversification is challenged as central banks continue to control and distort asset prices.

The last 5 years have seen a rapid shift in investment practices - increased savings rates, proliferation of fair-fee / liquid investment vehicles (e.g., crypto), growth of No Code tools and access to privileged information through online communities.

These trends and tools when correctly understood can provide leverage to an individual investor and allow them to compete with institutions.

How will the group be structured?

This reading group will focus on learning how the correct technologies and tools can be used to improve your personal investment practices. We will take inspiration from investors who used technology to increase their personal leverage and immerse ourselves in highly tactical advice for processes & tools.

Each participant will build up their own set of investing tools to suit their style and ambitions by covering the following themes:

  • Investing in 2021 and systems of personal leverage

  • Setting goals & measuring performance

  • Financial assets and structures

  • Information flow

  • Portfolio management

  • Finding opportunities

  • Crypto: Bitcoin, DeFi and NFTs

  • Advanced topics: macro signals, backtesting, etc.

Our reading list will span classic investing texts like “The Intelligent Investor”, essays like Howard Marks’ “Something of Value” and modern resources like Yield Farming dashboards and the Roaring Kitty YouTube Channel. As a group, we will gather the best resources on investing & automation and build spreadsheets and other tools to support our individual investment processes.

Participants will have significant input on the final reading through recommendation, voting and discussion. The group’s focus will be on investing processes and systems that span across asset classes / strategies, we will also have a dedicated channel for discussing investments and other ideas.

When will the meetings take place?

The group will start on the 3rd of May, 2021 and will have 8 fortnightly interactions, each 1.5 hours long over the span of 4 months:

  • 3rd of May at 7pm UK // 2pm ET // 11am PT

  • 17th of May at 7pm UK // 2pm ET // 11am PT

  • 31st of May at 7pm UK // 2pm ET // 11am PT

  • 14th of June at 7pm UK // 2pm ET // 11am PT

  • 28th of June at 7pm UK // 2pm ET // 11am PT

  • 12th of July at 7pm UK // 2pm ET // 11am PT

  • 26th of July at 7pm UK // 2pm ET // 11am PT

  • 9th of August at 7pm UK // 2pm ET // 11am PT

The format will be remote with the opportunity to organise physical breakout groups where safe to do so.

Who should join?

Our ideal participant is an open-minded learner who is highly committed to improving their personal investment process. This is not an introductory course (we highly recommend the OnDeck Investing Fellowship for a broader introduction to investing and personal finance) but ambitious investing beginners are very welcome, though may need to do a bit of extra reading. We already have an enthusiastic and wide-ranging core group including crypto experts, venture capitalists and decade long value investors who have helped us shape the curriculum.

This group is invite only but we welcome any recommendations or invites to suitable people in your network.

Please subscribe to this newsletter with your preferred Slack e-mail address and we will register your interest.

Hope to see you soon.


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